Last summer, the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, as part of the project with RBC, presented the results of a survey of the Russian people about stress. More than half of the respondents said that they experienced stressful situations in 2022, and one in four - several times a month.1 We offer ... to “dissolve” stress with the help of the new Magnesium + B-group vitamins complex in an easily accessible2 form of effervescent tablets. The novelty contains magnesium – the “tranquility mineral” – in the organic form of glycerophosphate and B-group vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid). They improve magnesium absorption3 and are very important for cognitive function and nervous system health.4

A tight work or study schedule, difficult relationships with colleagues and acquaintances, alarming news, health problems of the loved ones, family troubles... This causes significant psycho-emotional stress, increases irritability and disturbs sleep.

The complex “Magnesium + B-group vitamins” by Evalar contributes to:5

  • increasing stress resistance;

  • support of the nervous system at increased mental and physical exertion;

  • reduction of irritability;

  • improved sleep.

And that is not all! In addition to magnesium and B-group vitamins, the novelty contains phosphorus. All these components are very important for bone tissue and endow the drug product with another property: it helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.5

The prepared drink pleases with its fresh citrus taste and flavour. In this case, magnesium in the form of glycerophosphate is completely soluble in water and does not precipitate.

Find our novelty “Magnesium + B-group vitamins” by Evalar in our branded pharmacies and other pharmacies in the country. You can also find it in the Internet shop and marketplace.



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