Evalar completed the integration of its own e-comm platform with Yandex.Market


With the launch of Yandex.Market in November this year, Evalar secured its presence at the main marketplaces in Russia, including Ozon, Wildberries, Goods.ru, etc. The cooperation with Yandex.Market became possible through the integration of Evalar’s own e-comm platform Fitomarket. Based on the results of 9 months, the company’s sales through e-comm channels have doubled compared to the same period last year, while the share of this channel in total turnover exceeded 10%.

According to the company’s sales team, the work with the e-comm segment was launched in 2017. However, it was in 2020, with the spread of the pandemic, that this channel acquired a considerable weight, not just in its pharmacy segment. The pandemic has spurred the development of health products segment for non-pharmacy e-comm players. Thus, the launch of Evalar’s products at Wildberries site in April 2020, with 200,000 product units sold in just 5 months, became an important event for the company.

“The contract with Yandex.Market is a new step in the development strategy of Evalar's interaction with the largest marketplaces,” Natalia Prokopyeva, Evalar’s Chairman of the Board of Directors pointed out. “The cooperation with Yandex.Market is important for us in terms of expanding the representation of our new range of products. Our company has always strived to ensure the availability of its new products at any site where potential buyers are present. It is the digital channel that is currently a driver of direct sales growth, since it has an “endless showcase”, unlike the offline segment of pharmacy chains. In addition, entering new channels opens up new groups of customers for us, while we record age segmentation across various sales channels. While we have the most conservative mature customers who remain loyal to our mature brands, such as, for example, Fitolax and Ovesol in offline pharmacies, the non-pharmacy e-comm segment represents young customers who prefer to buy our new products, such as collagens, omegas, combinations of vitamins, antioxidants, etc.”

When Evalar entered Yandex.Market, a wide range of its products currently represented by more than 250 SKUs became available to customers. The company plans to focus on such categories as vitamins, including C and D, minerals in form of chelate complexes, dietary supplements to maintain immune defenses, including a new line of probiotics Multiflora, dietary supplements from the beauty and anti-age categories, as well as a number of others, the growth of which is associated by analysts with the massive trend towards a healthy lifestyle, which got a boost with the onset of the pandemic.

“Buyers on Yandex.Market are currently interested in products from Vitamins and Minerals category: in October 2020, the sales of such products were 13 times bigger than a year ago. The demand for food and other consumer goods is also growing. This is due both to the development of online shopping and to the change in shopping habits caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We expect that interest in online shopping will only grow in Russia. Together with our partners, we strive to offer our customers a wide range of choices in different categories,” Ivan Mironov, Head of Sales Development at Yandex.Market commented.