Natural remedies made according to international quality standards are now available to everyone. Evalar is an innovative production complex that manufactures millions of packs of dietary supplements and natural medicines.
The pharmaceutical approach to the production of dietary supplements is:
Two laboratories to ensure quality control at every stage of the production cycle
Clinical standard air exchange systems, full airflow 20 times an hour
Automated control systems for temperature, humidity and microbiological purity
Modern European equipment for careful and safe processing of raw materials
The best equipment from leading world manufacturers
The system of steam sterilization of vegetable raw materials. Manufacturer lmtech-Steri AG, Switzerland. World exclusive, represented in Russia only by Evalar.
Capsule filling machine. Manufacturer: Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
Line for preparation of liquid medications and liquid extract by percolation. Manufacturer: E&E Ltd, Germany
Mixer for mixing of powders. Manufacturer: Servolift GmbH, Germany
Machine for labeling and marking of filled vials. Manufacturer: Newman Ltd
Carton packaging machine. Manufacturer: IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH, Germany
Tabletting machine (press). Manufacturer: Korsch AG, Breitenbachstrabe, Germany
Filling line for tablets and capsules into cans. Manufacturer: CVC Technologies, Taiwan
Advanced manufacturing technologies
Highly automated equipment preserves the pristine power of natural ingredients yielding products with maximised biological potency
Each Evalar product undergoes multistage quality control and analysis
Monitoring of plant potency in our own plantations
Audits of suppliers of raw materials and packaging
Verification of standards compliance of raw materials and packaging
Incoming inspection of each batch of raw materials, auxiliary components and packaging
24/7 production process control
Laboratory control of semi-product quality parameters during production
Automated control of warehouse storage conditions
Control in the process of logistics
Continuous monitoring of the quality and stability of finished products
Evalar Manufacturing Complex
Land occupied by production facilities
16,1 hectares
Total building area
50 000
Total laboratory area
Quality assurance to the highest international standards
The quality of our products is guaranteed by compliance with the most stringent international standards in terms of process management and multi-step control of raw materials and finished products
Awards and prizes