Introducing our Founder

In 1991, we were the first in the country to register the term biologically active additives (BAA). So this term and the Evalar brand name have just celebrated together our 30 year anniversary.
Larisa Prokopyeva
  • Founder of Evalar Pharmaceutical Company
  • Ph.D. in Technology
  • The author of two dozen patents
  • Honorary citizen of Biysk
  • Commander of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", II degree
  • Holder of the diploma "For Invaluable Contribution to Supporting Russian Medical Achievements" from the Russian Ministry of Health
  • Winner of the National Award "The Best Social Projects of Russia" for 2020
  • She was named one of the Top 20 most successful women of Russia by Forbes Magazine in 2021
Own production
The big turning point for Evalar was the transition from rented space to our own production site in the early 2000s. It was a real breakthrough - both in terms of production and quality technology development. From that moment the global growth of the company began.
Today Evalar has entered the world arena, having started supplying more than 25 countries, far and wide.
GMP international quality standard
We have installed only the best German and Italian equipment. From the very outset we decided that we should look towards those places where consumption of health products has long been considered a good thing, and production standards tested for decades. We were the first and perhaps the only company in the country to raise the entire production process of natural drugs and dietary supplements to a fundamentally different level of quality, which is required by the GMP standard.
Our own plantations in Altai
Evalar is one of the few pharmaceutical companies that grows its own herbs for its drugs. Our plantations are located in the ecologically pristine foothills of Altai, with a total area of 1000 hectares. For 30 years we have accumulated our unique experience in the field of phytotherapy and botany, and created our own seed bank of medicinal plants.
Today we grow more than 20 cultures in industrial quantities, and about 10 more in the experimental fields. This covers up to 40% of production requirements. For other items we work with the world's leading suppliers.
Эвалар №1
Evalar №1
In 2006 officially became the number one company for Nutritional Supplements sales in Russia, and we still hold this status. High quality and availability - these are two principles that have remained unchanged for many years.For several generations we have been and continue to be the people's choice.
The new era of responsible consumption
In this new era of responsible consumption we recognize that customers care not only about their health, but also about the health of the planet and the environment. It is for them that Evalar is now implementing a project to collect and recycle plastic - we are installing eco-boxes in pharmacies to collect plastic packaging of dietary supplements and medicines.
Eco-boxes: taking care of the planet together with Evalar
Eco-boxes have been installed in our pharmacies in Moscow and the Siberian Federal District, to collect our recyclable plastic containers. Now everyone can contribute to the preservation of health and the environment!
Altai is a place of power
Altai is not only the pearl of Siberia, a unique place of power, a land of blue lakes and springs, a storehouse of the sun and medicinal plants, it is the "heart" of the Evalar company. Nature, or rather natural remedies, is an inexhaustible source of health. And people know it perfectly well. There is nothing better for us, who live in Altai and are in love with our native nature, than to share Siberian health with the whole country, to give everyone the opportunity to try the power of Altai.