The Winner of the Voice Beauty Awards 2023: Sea Collagen Supercomplex

The previous day in Moscow, there took place the VOICE Beauty Awards ceremony, the winners of which were the best beauty novelties of this year. The winners were chosen by a panel of judges, which included both beauty industry experts and celebrities. In the Beauty Trend category, Sea Collagen Supercomplex by the Evalar company was recognised as the best.

The Winner of the Voice Beauty Awards 2023 Sea Collagen Supercomplex.jpg

Today, collagen is one of the top requests in the nutraceutical market and is one of the fastest growing categories. Collagen is not just a “hot” beauty trend. It is a truly important component of a healthy balanced diet and an essential protein for beauty - the main protein of youth.

Sea Collagen Supercomplex by Evalar was developed with the participation of expert nutritionists. This is an innovative beauty drink with a powerful formula that allows you to nourish the body with collagen to the maximum: a high dosage of hydrolysed fish collagen peptides from Japan (10 000 mg), phytoceramides from France, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, biotin, vitamins and minerals - for beauty and youth. Free of GMOs, soy, gluten and artificial colours.

It has been proven that this particular hydrolysed collagen has high bioavailability and begins to be absorbed almost instantly, and, within 6 hours after administration, up to 95% of collagen is found in the blood and tissues throughout the body, including the skin1.

Sea Collagen Supercomplex are sachets for preparing a delicious drink that are convenient to take with you - to work, for a walk or on a trip.

An impeccably selected composition and dosages, a pharmaceutical quality according to the international GMP standard - this is what allowed the Sea Collagen Supercomplex preparation by Evalar to rightly become the best and receive the VOICE Beauty Awards.

1 О.B. Yaremenko, G.А. Anokhina, А.А. Burianov. Joint. Cartilage. Collagen // Travma, 2020