A new product – Omega 3 DHA 700 mg has appeared in the line of drug products with omega-3 by Evalar. DHA is docosahexaenoic acid, which is absolutely indispensable for humans, and starting from prenatal development. It is necessary for the formation of the brain, nervous system and organs of vision in the fetus and is required for their normal functioning throughout life.1,2 Especially in conditions of constant stress, high emotional, mental and visual stress. In short, everyone needs DHA. Our new product contains natural highly purified omega-3 DHA, and in the required 3 daily dose of 700 mg. The fish oil from the world-famous company BASF (Norway) is used in its production. A package of 60 capsules is enough for a monthly course.


Omega-3 DHA 700mg by Evalar contributes to:4

  • supporting the brain health;

  • improvement of cognitive functions: memory, attention, ability to learn;

  • supporting the nervous system;

  • correction of visual impairment, reduction of the severity of the “dry eye” syndrome;

  • during pregnancy - the development of the brain, organs of vision and the nervous system of the fetus.

Omega-3 DHA 700mg capsules are free of GMOs, gluten, lactose and titanium dioxide.

You can buy a novelty in any branded pharmacy of the Evalar network and in other pharmacies of the country. In addition, it is waiting for you in our online store and on the marketplace.


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3 100% of the recommended daily intake (adequate level).

4 Confirmed by SoGR No. ÀÌ. of 22.07.2022