Vitamins C, D3, and Zinc are the top three immune support elements that are currently included in protocols for protection against viral infections worldwide. However, few people know about the properties of trace elements such as Selenium. It is also necessary for normal functioning of the immune system1, especially during the season of colds. By enhancing the trio of vitamins C, D3 and Zinc, Selenium contributes to improving immune cell activity and boosting antibody production in response to infection2. And now for the great news! You don't need to buy multiple products to meet the requirements for all four elements. You can purchase our novelty, a unique complex of Vitamin C + D3 + Zinc + Selenium in effervescent tablets. The product is easy to take: just one tablet a day is enough. The invigorating orange flavor of the drink and an attractive price4 are undoubtedly pleasant bonuses.

Vitamin C + D3 + Zinc + Selenium Complex helps reduce the risk of colds and viral infections2 by supporting your immune system.

This, of course, is the key feature of our new product, but not the only one. A powerful quartet also helps maintain:2

  • antioxidant defenses

  • beauty of skin, hair and nails

  • cardiovascular system health and normal reproductive function

Due to effervescent formulation of the complex, vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by the body5.

The product Vitamin C + D3 + Zinc + Selenium is manufactured from high quality raw materials, and does not contain preservatives or gluten.

You can buy our new product and other vitamin complexes in effervescent tablets by Evalar in any branded pharmacy of our chain, or in other pharmacies. You will also find them on virtual shelves of Evalar’s Fitomarket.


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2 Confirmed by Certificate of State Registration No. AM. dated 11.08.2020.

3 In the range of CJSC Evalar.

4 Based on the data of Evalar Pharmacy Network as of January 14, 2021, in comparison with the total cost of individual products containing vitamins C, D3, zinc and selenium from the range of CJSC Evalar.

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