What are we capable to do in order to feel freedom of movement every day? What are we ready to give up to be flexible and mobile, never to hear cracking in knee joints again? We take special nutrient complexes, we use ointments and creams... The key to success in supporting joint health may lie in an integrated approach, including the use of modern herbal remedies. Try to add our new Evalar BIO Tea for Joints based on 7 plants to your daily steps for maintaining the health of musculoskeletal system. We carefully selected the ingredients for the tea and included only the plants that have a positive effect on the joints. Drink tea and enjoy the freedom of movement!

Like other teas of the line, Evalar BIO Tea for Joints contains only natural ingredients. In this tea, our experts combined the power of 7 plants that have been used for a long time to support the health of musculoskeletal system:
  • cinquefoil rhizomes
  • burdock roots
  • white willow bark
  • rosemary leaves
  • lingonberry leaves
  • thyme herb
  • meadowsweet extract
More about the ingredients

In our opinion, cinquefoil, burdock, willow, rosemary, lingonberry, thyme and meadowsweet perfectly complement and enhance each other’s effect. They have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, antirheumatic and antiseptic properties, and the capacity to regulate mineral metabolism.*
* Great Encyclopedic Dictionary of Medicinal Plants (edited by G.P. Yakovlev). – Saint-Petersburg: Spetslit, 2015. Pilat T.P., Ivanov A.A. Biological food supplements. Theory, production, application. - Moscow: Avvallon, 2002. Kukes V.G. Phytotherapy with the basics of clinical pharmacology. - Moscow: Medicine, 1999. Duke J.A. Handbook of medicinal herbs. - CRC Press LLC, 2002. Saparklycheva S.E., Chapalda T.L. Bactericidal properties of common lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.) // Agrarian education and science. 2020. No. 1.

Of course, our new product has all the advantages of Evalar BIO tea collection.
  1. BIOlogical activity. All the plants in each tea blend are collected at the peak of their BIOlogical activity and beneficial properties under the supervision of specialists.
  2. MicroBIOlogical purity. Evalar BIO Teas are produced under strict control of raw materials microBIOlogical purity, in accordance with the requirements of international GMP quality standard.1
  3. Special BIOtechnologies. Modern technologies of careful production make it possible to preserve maximum BIO-activity, natural benefits, and unsurpassed taste and aroma of plants (instant steam raw materials processing technology, and special technology for packing each tea bag into an individual envelope).
  4. Developed in Altai, BIOlogically rich and environmentally pristine region of Russia.

The new Evalar BIO Tea for Joints and other products from our tea collection can be purchased in branded Evalar pharmacies and other pharmacies across Russia. You will also find them on Evalar Fitomarket marketplace.
* In the range of Evalar.
1 GMP Certificate No. Ń017889-DS-2 (NSF International).