In 2020, vitamin D3 became one of the essential vitamins for maintaining immune defenses and protecting against viruses. Following global recommendations, we began to produce this vitamin in high strength. The variety of presentations makes it possible to choose a special vitamin D3 for each family member, based on their preferences. We produce the sunny vitamin in capsules, drops, chewable or effervescent tablets, and jelly berries. Now a new product has been added to our range: Vitamin D3 Evalar 1800 IU in soft gelatin capsules.

The main benefits of Vitamin D3 Evalar 1800 IU

  • Each capsule contains an easily absorbable1 oil solution of natural2 vitamin D3 in a high strength of 1800 IU.

  • Manufactured on the basis of high quality raw materials from Germany.

  • Does not contain gluten, GMOs or excipients3.

  • Easy to take: just 1 capsule a day2.

  • May be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women2.

  • Economy Pack: 90 capsules are enough for 3 adult family members, for a full month course2.

Like other forms of vitamin D3 from Evalar, the new product can become an excellent solution for maintaining the immune system in the season of viral infections and reducing the risk of colds2 

The product also contributes to2:

  • better absorption of calcium

  • maintaining bones and teeth density, as well as muscle strength

  • protecting the health of cardiovascular and nervous systems, maintaining reproductive function

  • production of happiness hormone serotonin that promotes good mood

And now, important information for those who buy Vitamin D3 600 IU capsules. Please note that now we offer this product not only in bottles, but also in blister packs.

You can choose vitamin D3 by Evalar for your whole family in our Evalarís branded pharmacies chain, in other pharmacies of the country or on Evalarís marketplace Fitomarket.

* In JSC Evalarís product range.

1 Due to the properties of the fat-soluble form. V.M. Kodentsova, D.V. Risnik. Methods for correcting vitamin D deficiency. Russian Medical Journal 2020; 1: 29-34.

2 Confirmed by Certificate of public registration No. AM. dated 15.10.2020.

3 Not including humectants and antioxidants added for protecting the structure and texture of the product from environmental influences.