Many children in the first months of their life suffer from infantile colic and functional dyspepsia accompanied by flatulence, which makes a baby cry, because he cannot fall asleep due to painful abdominal spasms, while his mother remains worried asking herself, if she can bring her baby any relief. This is why we developed Simethicotic Baby based on simethicone, a well-established active substance manufactured in a comfortable form of banana flavor oral drops for pediatric use1 at a reasonable price.2 The new product can be given to children from birth.3 It is free of sugar4, lactose, artificial flavors and parabens.

Simethicone is a great example of antifoaming agents.1 This definition best of all explains its mechanism of action. The drug reduces foam formed in the intestines and allows entrapped air bubbles, which are absorbed or excreted naturally. Thus, simethicone eliminates the cause of colic and improves health condition in babies.1,3,5

While solving the intestinal problem, simethicone does not have any side effects. The drug does not affect the process of digestion as it has no effect on beneficial microflora and digestive enzymes. Simethicone works only in the intestines, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream and is excreted unchanged in the feces.1,3

Simethicotic Baby can be used for a long time, if necessary.1,3 The drug active ingredient does not cause addiction.1

The oral drops provide an easy dosing approach according to the baby age. You can give the drug either in a bottle with baby food or in a small spoon.3 Your baby will never refuse to take banana flavor oral drops! By the way, we use only natural flavor in the drug production.

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* The full drug name is Simethicotic Baby.

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2According to as of September 14, 2023, in comparison with analogue drugs in terms of active substance, presentation and dosage as per 1 ml.

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4The drug contains sorbitol as a sweetener (see the instruction).

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