Today, many people are concerned about the consequences of a viral infection. Increased fatigue, shortness of breath, impaired memory, decreased concentration, poor sleep, hair loss... According to experts, a major role in the development of these and other health problems is contributed by increased oxidative stress associated with infection. Excess of free radicals damages cells and impairs the function of the immune system, while we still pay special attention to its strengthening. This is why antioxidants are so important to us today. Powerful antioxidants include selenium and zinc.1

In our new balanced antioxidant complex2 we have combined both components in organic forms with high bioavailability3 and enhanced with vitamins C and D3. Now instead of several drugs, you can buy just one, and at a bargain price!4

This product contains selenium in the form of Selexen, which is better absorbed in the presence of vitamins C and D35,6 and has a wider spectrum of properties than other selenium supplements.7 It can be accumulated in tissues to be used later when necessary.7

Zinc is included in the composition of our complex in the organic form of citrate. It is highly bioavailable and combines readily with Vitamin C to enhance antioxidant properties of zinc.8

The complex Selenium + Zinc Evalar facilitates to:2

  • increase the activity of the immune system;

  • increase the body's resistance to viral infections;

  • improve the condition of hair, skin and nails;

  • maintain the health of the cardiovascular system;

  • improve reproductive function in men and women.

 The drug is easy to use: only 1 capsule per day.2 One pack is enough for 2 months of treatment. The complex contains a minimal amount of excipients, it does not contain titanium dioxide, gluten or GMOs.

You can buy this new product in any Evalar network pharmacy and in other pharmacies of the country. You can also find it at and at the marketplace


* In the range of "Evalar" products.

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