People who cannot imagine the beginning of the day without a cup of invigorating aromatic coffee will be pleased to hear how to turn it into the healthiest drink. Uncommon ingredients, in particular, hedgehog mushrooms, cordyceps, chaga, marine collagen and garcinia found by Evalar experts give a cup of coffee amazing properties. We are pleased to present a premium line of functional Organic COFFEE. It not only invigorates, but also supports the immune system, boosts energy and business activity, controls weight and maintains beauty. Enjoy the wonderful taste of high quality medium roast Brazilian Arabica coffee enhanced with plant extracts or marine collagen! Delicate and fresh coconut cream and strong cappuccino flavor offer exquisite sensual and warm notes. The organic composition of the products is confirmed by certificates. Sel ect your Organic COFFEE developed by Evalar right now!

Organic Focus COFFEE with hedgehog mushrooms for business activity.

For centuries, Buddhist monks have used hedgehog mushrooms to focus their attention during meditation. Recent studies have confirmed that hedgehog mushrooms improve cognitive functions (memory, concentration and learning ability), intelligence, business activity and creativity.1 Stay focused on your tasks with Organic Focus COFFEE developed by Evalar! We believe that this is the best solution for those who constantly deal with information overload and brainstorms.

Organic Energy COFFEE with cordyceps for energy.

They said that the Chinese athletes had actively eaten cordyceps before the Olympics in Beijing. As a result, the Celestial Empire team led the overall gold medal count.2 Apparently, cordyceps is a powerful natural energy booster. Therefore, if your work is associated with physical activity and requires physical stamina or you go in for sports and prefer outdoor activities, pay attention to Organic Energy COFFEE. By the way, cordyceps has antioxidant properties and benefits the immune system.3

Organic Immunity COFFEE with chaga for the immune system.

Chaga is widely known all over the world, and it is called “Russian superfood” abroad.4 Our new Organic Immunity COFFEE contains chaga extract standardized against the chromogenic complex content. It is based on melanin, which is an antioxidant.5 Together with other active ingredients (polysaccharides, organic acids, lipids, flavonoids, macro- and microelements), melanin provides chaga with important health benefits. Organic Immunity COFFEE with chaga supports the immune system and the body’s ability to resist viruses, as well as improves the general health condition during infections.6

Organic Beauty COFFEE with marine collagen for beauty.

We believe that women will be especially interested in this product. A cup of this coffee contains 5,000 mg of highly digestible7 hydrolysed fish collagen, which is a true “youth protein”. In people aged 30 years and older, the amount of collagen produced by the body decreases and must be replenished. Marine collagen makes us charming and fascinating by making the skin smooth and elastic, maintaining its youth and radiance, tightening fine lines, as well as strengthening hair and nails.8

Organic Slim COFFEE with garcinia for weight control.

The coffee ingredients intended to get a perfect slim body include garcinia extract, green coffee extract and chromium picolinate. Garcinia is high in hydroxycitric acid, which reduces appetite, promotes satiety, slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into fats and creates conditions for using fats as an energy source.9,10 Chlorogenic acid in green coffee boosts the energy metabolism, reduces lipid levels and delays glucose absorption in the gastrointestinal tract followed by its release into the blood flow. If this occurs, the body starts to produce energy fr om body fats.10 Chromium is involved in the regulation of fat metabolism and blood sugar levels reducing our craving for sweets.10,11

Ask for our new Organic COFFEE products in Evalar’s pharmacies and other pharmacies of the country. They are also available on our Web site and on Fitomarket.


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