What do calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D3 have in common? Experts agree that these osteotropic elements are essential for healthy bones and teeth. The deficiency of these nutrients makes the bone tissue fragile and increases the risk of injury.1 In addition, our quartet improves the functional activity of the heart, nervous system and muscles.2 New balanced2 Calcium + Magnesium + Zinc + D3 complex developed by Evalar offers a great opportunity to get all 4 elements in 1 tablet and in a right dosage at a more attractive price, if compared with foreign drugs.3

Let’s remember that the new Calcium + Magnesium + Zinc + D3 complex:2

  • improves the mineral balance in our body;
  • maintains healthy bones and teeth;
  • strengthens the bone tissue;
  • maintains the nervous and muscular systems;
  • reduces the risk of spasms and cramps;
  • improves the cardiovascular system.

Package contains 90 tablets, it is enough for a 1-month course of treatment.2
Find the Calcium + Magnesium + Zinc + D3 complex in Evalar’s pharmacies and other pharmacies of the country. It is also available on our Web site and on Fitomarket.
1Osteotropic minerals and their role in bone repair and maintenance. Interview with an advanced clinical pharmacologist O.A. Gromova. Russian Medical Journal. Medical review. 2015; 23(25):1496-1498.
2Confirmed by the Certificate of registration No. ÀÌ. of 07.07.2022
33According to as of 25.10.2022 in comparison with foreign analogue products in terms of active ingredient and dosage form as per 1 tablet.