How to always look charming, irresistible and feel at the peak of beauty and youth? Remember the golden rule: you need to take collagen regularly. Be sure to include in your beauty box Multi Collagen from Evalar Laboratory’s collection of innovative* nutrients. It has been created especially for you by a group of developers, nutritionists and technologists according to the highest international GMP quality standards in the settings of modern pharmaceutical production by special order of Evalar SASU (Paris, France). Multi Collagen is the only* preparation that contains 3 types of collagen at once with antioxidants for a holistic, scientifically based approach to youth maintenance.

Multi Collagen by Evalar Laboratory contributes to:1

  • maintenance of skin, hair and nail beauty,

  • smoothing of small wrinkles,

  • increased smoothness of skin,

  • increased synthesis of own collagen,

  • improvement of the result of cosmetic procedures, as well as:

  • strengthening of ligaments, joints and bones,

  • bone tissue regeneration.

Multi Collagen contains unique* type II native collagen from the deep-sea squid, which is 96–98 % biocompatible with our own collagen, as well as type I and III fish and beef collagen. They are enhanced with vitamin C in a non-acidic and safe for the stomach form of ascorbate, with coenzyme Q10 and MSM.

Multi Collagen by Evalar Laboratory is not usual capsules or pills, but a delicious drink with a chocolate flavour of natural cocoa. With each portion, you will get 10 000 mg of collagen. There is no sugar in the drink, and the natural sweetener stevia extract has almost zero calories and does not increase glucose levels in the blood. You don’t have to worry about your figure! Just dissolve 2 measuring spoons of the powder in 200 ml of water or coffee and your collagen drink is ready.

You can purchase our Multi Collagen right now on our official site Here you will find other novelties from our collection of innovative* nutrients by Evalar Laboratory: for the maintenance of women’s health and beauty, men’s health, brain and nervous system functions, thyroid gland, immunity and energy. And for kids, there are tasty chewable capsules with omega.

You can also find out novelties from the Evalar Laboratory line at, other popular marketplaces and offline: in Evalar brand pharmacies.


* In the range of «Evalar» JSC.

1 Confirmed by State Registration Certificate No. AM. of 28.11.2022