Magnesium participates in all the energy processes in our body.1 It is necessary for the function of 700 proteins2 and is a part of 300 enzymes3. Many world celebrities have already included magnesium supplements in their nutritional support program. For example, the author of the world best-seller on 4-day workweek takes it for sleep, a Hollywood star uses it for stress protection, and a longevity expert takes it for cell energy.4 Did you know that you can supply your body with magnesium through the skin, i.e. transdermally? For this purpose, our experts have developed a special bioactive form of the mineral, marine magnesium.

This is a powerful natural concentrate of sea salts, which are mined from a depth of 1 to 4 km. It is also called magnesium oil, although it is not oil in the usual sense of this word and got this name because of its slick and slightly oily texture. Due to transdermal delivery, marine magnesium, unlike many oral forms, is not lost during absorption and penetrates directly into the blood vessels.5

What is Marine Magnesium Concentrate used for?

  1. Calmness, increased stress resistance and improved sleep. During any stress, our body intensively consumes magnesium. Replenishing a mineral deficiency promotes normal adaptation to stress.6 Magnesium has calming and sedative properties.7

  2.  Beautiful skin and slower aging. Few people know that magnesium deficiency accelerates the shortening of telomeres and cell death, leading to disruption of synthesis processes and disarrangement of collagen fibers. As a result, the skin ages faster.7-9 Along with other components, magnesium is a part of the moisturizing factor in cosmetics.10 Magnesium oil helps smooth the skin and reduce cellulite11.

  3.  Relaxation of muscles and joints, even after exercise. Magnesium deficiency is among possible causes of muscle cramps, restless legs syndrome, tics and tremors (trembling of various parts of the body).12 Magnesium regulates neuromuscular conduction, takes part in relaxing muscle fibers and supports the process of natural renewal of connective tissues, including cartilage and ligaments.2,13 Magnesium deficiency may also be one of the causes of legs edema in case of varicose veins.14


Evalar presents two 100% natural products based on marine magnesium concentrate in a convenient spray form for topical use.

  • Marine Magnesium: pure magnesium oil without preservatives, parabens, fragrances or dyes.

  • Marine Magnesium Plus: magnesium oil with glucosamine and MSM, key chondroprotectors for enhanced support for joint and spine health.

Marine Magnesium from Evalar is the only15 liquid oil formula with more than 60 beneficial trace elements and high content of magnesium, which is actively and easily absorbed by the body through the skin.

You can buy magnesium oil from Evalar in our branded pharmacies and in other pharmacies all over the country. New products are also available at and Fitomarket marketplace.


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