Many of us live under prolonged stress these days. Magnesium deficiency is one of the important reasons why the feelings of anxiety and worry begin to dominate us and throw us off balance. It's not for nothing that magnesium is called the “mineral of calm”. In order to satisfy your increased need for magnesium, we have produced the “Magnesium 7 Salts” all-purpose complex. Each capsule contains seven bioavailable forms of the mineral that are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract at different pH levels.1 This complex is suitable for everyone:1,2 the body will receive the necessary magnesium by all means.

The solubility and absorption of different magnesium compounds along the digestive tract depend on variations in pH.3 This indicator is affected by many factors: the nature of the food, bacterial colonization of the intestine, intake of various medications and not only that. Therefore, a balanced set of magnesium salts with different solubility characteristics is in our opinion one of the most reliable ways to make up for the deficiency of the mineral.

Magnesium 7 salts” by Evalar is an active formula of a full range of organic and inorganic forms of magnesium (bisglycinate, malate, lactate, citrate, glycerophosphate, carbonate and gluconate) with high bioavailability and good tolerability in an optimal ratio. Due to a combination of seven forms of magnesium and its effective absorption at different pH levels, the complex “Magnesium 7 salts” contributes to:1

  • support of the nervous system;

  • performance and vitality at high psycho-emotional stress;

  • relief of muscle spasms and cramps;

  • improved sleep.

Product is available in vegetarian capsules of a special herbal component.

You can buy “Magnesium 7 salts” complex in any Evalar branded pharmacies and other pharmacies in the country. You can also find it on our branded and marketplace.

1 Confirmed by SoGR ÀÌ. of 27.06.2022
Contraindication - individual intolerance of ingredients.
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