Evalar is expanding the popular line of delicious jelly vitamins for children with the new Bears Evalar Iron. This combination product will provide an excellent tasty way to fully supply the increased need for a mineral that is so necessary to a growing organism in a child from three years of age*.

In the period of fetal development, the baby receives iron from the mother, through the placenta. The iron reserves last for 5 to 6 months after birth. Then babies become completely dependent on the iron that they get with nutrition.1

However, even a complete and balanced diet does not eliminate the deficiency of this mineral. And yet, the growing child requires iron the most. In the first years of life, iron deficiency may cause disorders in the formation of central nervous system, slow down psychomotor and speech development, impair memory, concentration and learning skills, and inhibit physical activity.1

Our new Bears Evalar Iron for children from three years of age contains iron in a special, easily digestible liposomal form* and optimum strength dose2, as well as a combination of vitamins C, B12 and folic acid. They further improve the absorption of iron, participate in the formation of red blood cells, synthesis of hemoglobin and its incorporation into red blood cells.3,4 Of course, these vitamins are also necessary for a child’s healthy development.

Thanks to its composition, Bears Evalar Iron contribute to:

  •  prevention of iron deficiency anemia,

  •  increasing the levels of hemoglobin and ferritin,

  •  reducing fatigue,

  •  increasing mental and physical activity,

  •  strengthening immune defenses,

  •  improving appetite*.

The product is well tolerated. The jellies are made of pectin, without artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives. They do not have any taste of iron, but make kids happy with their pleasant berry mix taste.

You can buy new Bears Evalar Iron and other jelly vitamins from the Bears Evalar line at Evalar branded pharmacies, other pharmacies in Russia, online store and marketplace.


* Confirmed by Public Registration Certificate ¹ AM. dated 25.11.2022.

1 Zakharova I.N., Dmitrieva Yu.A. Iron deficiency states as a cause of cognitive development disorders in children. Effective pharmacotherapy. Pediatrics. 2012; 5:42–46.

2 83.3 to 100% of normal physiological need, depending on age.

3 Lipofer®. Stable source of iron with high bioavailability. Technical report. June 2016

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