Do you want your child to study well and delight you with his abilities? Buy Evalar Omega-3 Jelly Bears - a delicious and healthy treat that promotes the development of intellect, memory and attention in children from 3 years old.1 It is no secret that many children do not like fish, and some are even allergic to this product, which is one of the big eight food factors that most often cause allergic reactions2. Our new product contains omega-3 (docosahexaenoic acid) from organic microalgae produced by the Spanish company SOLUTEX. Microalgae have no allergenic properties common to fish3 and contain omega-3 in highly digestible4 triglyceride form which is more appropriate for child’s body.

Moreover, our omega-3 complex is enhanced with vitamins C, B6, B12 and choline. Due to such a powerful formula, Evalar Omega-3 Jelly Bears complex facilitates to:1

  • improve brain function;

  • develop intellect, memory and attention;

  • increase the ability to learn;

  • support the nervous system;

  • form and maintain good vision.

Evalar Omega-3 Jelly Bears complex is available in a trendy protective package. Safety pouch with antioxidant agent inside and a special protection in the lid prevents oxidation of omega and retain its high natural activity. Also the jar is equipped with child resistant cap. As it is transparent, you can see the delicious looking bears, which you want to try as soon as possible. The jelly bears have a bright fruity taste and pleasant natural flavor, and do not contain gluten, GMOs, artificial colours, flavors or preservatives.

You can buy our novelty in any Evalar branded pharmacies and other pharmacies in the country. You can also find it on our branded and


1 Confirmed by SoGR AM. of 10.05.2021

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