A lot of world trends come to Russia under the brand of Evalar, but with one important advantage: an improved formula and a modern form of presentation, which our developers are working on.

Fruttilar Immuno is the only product in Russia1 based on the innovative* ingredient - double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) of natural origin. It was developed by the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Double-stranded RNA helps to increase defenses, prevents viruses from entering the body through the oral cavity and reduces the risk of cold-related and viral infections.2 Our experts have strengthened the new product composition with vitamin C and released it in the form of tasty orange Fruttilar fruit jellies.

Double-stranded RNA was obtained by microbiologists from a special natural substrate. It is a multifunctional product and has a wide range of properties, including antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.3 When our body “encounters” dsRNA, it reacts to it just like to a virus: it starts synthesizing interferon proteins actively.3 It is the first line of immune defense against viral infection in its earliest stages of development.4

Vitamin C in the composition of our new product also contributes to the production of interferon5 and is one of the 10 vitamins and minerals defined by the European Food Safety Authority as essential for the immune system.6

Increased interferon levels help:3,4

  • blocking the reproductive process of the pathogen;

  • stimulating other immune responses to attack the virus even more vigorously.

Did you know that our own interferon is more physiological than the external interferon? This means that the likelihood of side effects when taking dsRNA is minimized.3

At the same time, the novelty can be used for such possible manifestations of infection as inflammation and discomfort in the oral cavity and throat.2

Another advantage of the complex is a short course of treatment: only 3-4 days.2

During the periods of high viral activity, the intake of Fruttilar Immuno can be combined with the use of ORVIS nasal cream. It also contains dsRNA. Fruit jellies will help to prevent the entry of viruses into the body through the oral cavity, and the cream - through the nose.2,7

You can buy the new product in any pharmacy of the Evalar chain, and in other pharmacies of the country. You can also find it at our and marketplace.


* Latvian patent LV14897 “Method of production of double-stranded RNA interferon inducer” and Latvian patent LV15162 “Method of production of double-stranded ribonucleic acid interferon inducer”.
1 LLC “Larifans” supplies dsRNA to the territory of Russia only to “Evalar” JSC.
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