Many people suffer from joint problems. They need collagen to keep healthy and mobile. Evalar offers 2 bestsellers: hydrolyzed Marine Collagen 6000 mg in powder and Collagen with Vitamin C 6000 mg in tablets. In addition, we have launched an innovative* Marine Type II Collagen complex.

More than 90% of articular cartilage is composed of type II collagen.1 Our new product contains undenatured native type II collagen derived from deep sea squid using Swiss extraction technology. It is called “native” because it has an excellent biocompatibility and the same molecular structure as our body collagen. Native collagen is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.2

As little as 40 mg of native collagen is enough to support joint health because it works differently from hydrolysed collagen.1

When articular cartilage is damaged, collagen fibers are torn into fragments. The immune system perceives them as a potential threat and begins to produce autoantibodies. They attack the damaged collagen resulting in joint inflammation.1

However, undenatured type II collagen perceived by the immune system as native agent makes it produce “friendly” antibodies. They form a protective barrier around the collagen fibers in cartilage preventing its destruction and inflammation.1

Marine Type II Collagen by Evalar is available in capsules. Each capsule contains 80 mg of undenatured native collagen, which is twice as much as a common clinical dose.1

Moreover, we have enhanced the formula with 7 components essential for joint health (martynia and boswellia extracts, MSM, vitamin C and D3, manganese and copper).

Martynia, boswellia and MSM have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and chondroprotective effects. Unlike non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), they are safe for the stomach even in case of a long-term use. A treatment course based on the plant extracts (especially in combination with MSM) often enables patients to reduce or discontinue NSAID therapy.3-6

Along with vitamin D3, manganese and copper, vitamin C is involved in collagen synthesis.7-9 In addition, vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties and protects the body against oxidative stress caused by inflammation.7 Vitamin D3 regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus essential for bone and cartilage tissues.10

Due to its unique* formula, Marine Type II Collagen by Evalar11:

• provides regeneration of cartilage tissue in joints and spine;

• reduces joint inflammation;

• reduces swelling and pain;

• prevents destruction of articular cartilage.

A common clinical dose is 1 capsule a day. One package will be enough for 1 month.11

Evalar experts’ advice

Marine type II collagen by Evalar works with minimum doses and, in our opinion, is perfectly combined with our hydrolyzed Marine Collagen 6000 mg in powder or Collagen with Vitamin C 6000 mg in tablets. When co-administered, they have a more pronounced effect improving the joint condition.


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*In the stock list of “Evalar” JSC.

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