Have you ever taken chromium to fight cravings for sweet and farinaceous food? If so, it was probably a picolinate. For the first time ever* we present a completely new form of this mineral – the chelate form. Only Evalar* produces such chromium in Russia today.

Each tablet of the novelty Chromium chelate Evalar contains a high1 dose of the mineral – 250 micrograms – in the amino acid form of glycinate. Why do we call it “the most correct” form of the mineral?2 Because it has two important advantages. Chromium in its chelated form is easily absorbed by the body3 to help control hunger and reduce the urge to eat another sugary snack or a bun.3 And the amino acid glycine, with which the mineral is combined, helps maintain a stable emotional state while dieting.3

Moreover, people with high blood sugar should consider Chromium chelate Evalar, because the drug helps maintain normal blood glucose levels.3

Even vegetarians can take our new chromium. The convenience of administration is a pleasant bonus. One tablet per day is enough for you to take or simply chew or dissolve in the mouth.3 One pack is enough for 2 months.

In production of Chromium chelate Evalar, we use high-quality raw materials from Sweden.

You can find our new product in any Evalar network pharmacy and other pharmacies in the country, as well as on and marketplace!


* According to the Unified Registry of dietary supplements, the first and only domestic chromium drug product in the form of amino acid chelate as of 01.03.2022.

1 500% of the recommended daily intake (adequate level). Does not exceed the upper allowable level of daily intake.

2 In the range of products of CJSC "Evalar".

3 Approved by State Registration Certificate No.AM. of 09.11.2021.