Do you remember what else was wiped out from store shelves in the spring besides buckwheat? That's right, ginger and lemons! And now add to that a powerful vitamin selection, a convenient chewy form of jelly and you get ... Fruttilar Ginger + Lemon! The only one1 that contains a vitamin and mineral complex of three top1 elements for immunity maintenance* - vitamins C, D3 and zinc in an easily digestible organic form. They are fortified with ginger root and natural lemon essential oil to help with sore throat and discomfort when swallowing*. Thanks to a special form of release - absorbable jelly lozenges - the components of the complex, which help maintain the body's defenses*, actively enter the bloodstream already in the oral cavity.

Which one is healthier: ginger or lemon? Both are worthy of the top step of the pedestal, especially since they work great in a duet. And many of us have probably resorted to its help more than once during the cold season. Ginger tea with lemon warms you up nicely, helps to maintain the health of the respiratory tract and body’s defenses, and to resist viruses and bacteria.

But we decided to improve the famous formula “Ginger + Lemon”: we combined them with “elements of strong immunity” - zinc, vitamins C, D3 and received a dual-use complex in unique1 jelly berries for adults. It helps, firstly, to maintain the body's defenses during colds, and secondly, to reduce unpleasant sensations in the throat and discomfort when swallowing*.

Like other vitamin complexes of the Fruttilar series, our new product is created on the basis of high-quality ingredients from Europe, does not contain artificial colors, preservatives and gluten.

Now let's remember what other preparations are included in the series of unique1 vitamins in the form of fruit jelly for adults Fruttilar.

  • Fruttilar Immunity Vitamins - a complex with elderberry extract, which helps to maintain the body's defenses during the cold season2.

  • Fruttilar Multivitamins - a mix of 15 vitamins and minerals for an active lifestyle3.

  • Fruttilar Vitamin D3 600 IU - optimal4 dosage of the "sunshine" vitamin in jelly.

  • Fruttilar Vitamins for Pregnant Women - vitamin and mineral complex created especially for women planning to conceive a baby, pregnant and lactating mothers5.

You can buy products of the Fruttilar line at any Evalar pharmacy and in other pharmacies throughout the country. You can also find them in the Healthy Life Store Fitomarket by Evalar.

* Confirmed by SGR No. AM. dated 06.07.2020

1 In the assortment of CJSC Evalar.

2 Confirmed by SGR No. AM. dated 18.10.2019

3 Confirmed by SGR No. AM. dated 25.12.2019

4 Does not exceed the upper permissible level of daily consumption in accordance with the Methodological Recommendations MR "Norms of physiological needs for energy and nutrients for various groups of the population of the Russian Federation."

5 Confirmed by SGR No. RU. dated 10.03.2020 and voluntary certification.