Many people ask us if they can take Omega-3 along with vitamin D3. So let us clear up the secret. This combination was invented by nature itself, as both components are contained in fish oil. We've combined the power of best quality Omega-3 with high strength of vitamin D3 in naturally accessible1 form of cholecalciferol 2000 IU in one capsule, to ensure you get the most out of the synergy of these ingredients. Taking one product instead of two is convenient and advantageous.2

As you know, the smallest living units in our body are the cells. The longer they work in youthful mode, the longer the body retains ability for self-renewal. Back in 2011, Professor Kalinchenko’s clinic developed the original Health Quartet method. Based on their knowledge of the most important mechanisms of cellular aging, the experts identified four key areas of comprehensive metabolic support for the body. Two of these areas are the regular consumption of Omega-3 and maintaining the physiological levels of vitamin D.3 Both components are not synthesized in our body, so we have to take them as supplements.

The synergy of these nutrients has many aspects. As a part of our Omega-3 + D3 2000 IU complex, they promote:4

  • The strengthening of immune defenses and improvement of resistance to viral infections;

  • The reduction of the risk of thrombosis;

  • The support of normal cholesterol levels;

  • The improvement of cognitive functions by promoting brain health, memory and attention.

The product is convenient to take: just 1 capsule a day is enough.4

It is manufactured of high-quality raw materials from the leading German manufacturer BASF. More details about the product can be found here.

You can buy our new product in any branded pharmacy of Evalar network and in other pharmacies all over the country. You can also find it on and Fitomarket marketplace.


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2 Compared to separate purchases of Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate 350 mg and Vitamin D3 maximum strength 2000 IU by Evalar according to as of 21.04.2022.

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