If you are tired of counting sheep and unsuccessfully trying other ways to fall asleep faster, just take one Reason Melatonin 2 mg capsule before bedtime. This product is especially relevant in current context, when many of us have limited time for the night rest, so you need to fall asleep faster to get enough sleep and then get up and going in the morning. The product is also great for people who experience sleep problems due to jet lag or night shifts.

The novelty contains the sleep hormone melatonin, enhanced with somniferous plants Eschscholtzia, lemon balm and valerian in the form of highly active extracts instead of the usual powdered form. The complex also contains vitamin B6, which is necessary for the synthesis of natural melatonin in the body.1

The components included in the product Reason Melatonin 2 mg contribute to2

·        restoring normal sleep/wake cycle;

·        natural and easy falling asleep,

·        calm and sound sleep, by improving the sleep depth and quality, and reducing the number of night awakenings;

·        waking up easily in the morning, without feeling fatigued, lethargic or tired.

All active ingredients in the novelty composition are natural to our body, which means that the product is not addictive even with regular use.2

You can purchase Reason Melatonin 2 mg at Evalar branded pharmacies, other pharmacies in Russia, online store and marketplace.



1 Lemoine P, Bablon J, Da Silva S. Combination of melatonin, vitamin B6 and medicinal plants in the treatment of mild to moderate insomnia: a prospective pilot study. Complementary therapies in medicine. 2019: 45: 104–108.

2 Confirmed by Public registration certificate ¹ AM. dated 28.12.2022.