Evalar has developed a new generation synbiotic Multiflora Maxi for adults and children from the second week of life.1 Each capsule contains a unique* balanced complex of 55 billion living lacto- and bifidobacteria of eight species with high probiotic activity plus fructo-oligosaccharides as a prebiotic. They contribute to the growth of healthy microflora of the digestive tract, being a natural nutrient substrate for it. Due to this composition, Multiflora Maxi facilitates full recovery of intestinal microflora.1 One course of administration consists of only 10 capsules - one pack of the drug product.1

Our novelty is produced in the most advanced three-stage process that preserves high probiotic activity of beneficial bacteria and protects them from the action of gastric juice.

  1. High-density fermentation technology allows to obtain probiotics with the highest possible concentration of beneficial strains due to strictly controlled volume of raw materials, optimal processing temperature and air pressure.

  2. Active coating technology prevents damage to the probiotics and protects them at all stages of manufacture.

  3. Lyophilization (freeze-drying) technology allows to dry probiotics gently, preserving their full viability and high activity.

Due to its unique* composition - containing 55 billion living bacteria and prebiotics - Multiflora Maxi facilitates:1

  • to accelerate recovery, formation and growth of normal intestinal microflora;

  • to maintain healthy intestines and normalize the gastrointestinal tract as a whole;

  • to improve digestion;

  • to strengthen the immune system;

  • to increase the body’s resistance to viral infections.

Moreover, Multiflora Maxi is easy for intake: only 1 capsule per day. For a small child, you can pour the contents of the capsule into warm water or milk with a temperature not exceeding +40º C, stir it and immediately give it to drink.1

Note that synbiotic is available in vegetarian capsules which do not contain titanium dioxide.

Furthermore, Multiflora Maxi is convenient because it does not require storage in the refrigerator. It can be stored in the medicine chest together with other medicines.

You can buy the new product in branded Evalar pharmacies and other pharmacies in the country. You can also find it on our branded and phytomarket marketplace.


* In the range of Evalar JSC products.

1 Confirmed by SOGR No. AM. of 19.01.2022