Did you know that prolonged stress causes hyperglycemia: an increase in blood glucose? This happens because the nervous and endocrine systems are interconnected. In response to a “sugar attack”, the pancreas produces more insulin. However, if its excess lasts a long time, it will lead to a decrease in sensitivity of the receptors to the hormone. Insulin resistance occurs. Meanwhile, the pancreas keeps secreting insulin until its reserves are depleted. Then the production of the hormone gradually declines, and the glucose level in the blood rushes up. The result goes without saying! This is why it is so important to break this circuit in time. For this purpose, we have developed the special Glucose Control complex with inulin and Gymnema extract. The convenient enlarged package with 120 tablets is designed for a course of treatment lasting 30 days.

The properties of Glucose Control complex active components target all the main stages in this circuit. Our novelty product contributes to:1

  • maintaining normal blood glucose levels;
  • supporting pancreatic health and insulin production;
  • reducing insulin resistance;
  • improvement of fat and carbohydrate metabolism.
The product also helps reduce the absorption of sugars in the gastrointestinal tract and craving for sweets.1 You know what we mean, many of us are used to consuming sweet treats for stress relief!
Glucose Control Complex is also suitable for vegetarians.
The tablets do not contain sugar or titanium dioxide.
You will find this novelty online, in the branded and the marketplace!


1 Confirmed by Public registration certificate ¹ AM. dated 20.07.2022.