Multitasking, endless news flow, prompt analysis and information acquisition under chronic lack of time... This is how students, scientists, office employees, e-sportsmen and everyone involved in intensive 24/7 work schedule live. Our brain must work like a perfect gadget, clearly, quickly and efficiently. This is possible only if nerve cells are healthy, full of energy and protected from any negative impact. One capsule of our new product Cognivia Phosphatidylserine combines 3 special agents to support your mental health1.

The first 2 agents, phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine, are phospholipids. They are the main components of all biological membranes, which supply nerve cells with nutrients, remove waste products and play a key role in the cell interaction, transmission of biochemical signals between cells and neuroregeneration2-4.

It has been proved that phosphatidylserine improves the function of essential brain neurotransmitters, special bioactive compounds that ensure the transmission of nerve impulses including acetylcholine (“mediator of intelligence”), serotonin (“happy hormone”) and dopamine (“hormone of pleasure”)3.

Today, there are at least 16 scientific studies confirming that phosphatidylserine improves cognitive functions4.

Unlike its analogues, each capsule of our new product contains the maximum dose of phosphatidylserine (150 mg5) and natural phosphatidylcholine.

The third agent, coenzyme Q10 plays an essential role in the cellular energy production. As the brain work requires high energy consumption, a lot of coenzyme Q10 is needed. In addition, this substance is a strong antioxidant that protects our brain from oxidative stress, to which sensitive nerve cells are susceptible6.

Due to its composition, Cognivia Phosphatidylserine possesses a wide range of properties and helps to:

  • maintain mental health and improve brain performance, i.e. learning ability, mental processing, memory function and concentration in aging people and people with intense cerebral activity;

  • reduce the age-related cognitive decline;

  • restore damaged and old neurons;

  • stabilize mood and reduce anxiety;

  • protect brain cells from damage caused by free radicals (antioxidant effect).

One package, or 60 capsules, will be enough for a monthly treatment course, even if you take the maximum dose of 300 mg or 2 capsules of phosphatidylserine per day.

To get the best result, we recommend taking Cognivia Phosphatidylserine with Cognivia drink for your brain health.

Ask for our new products in Evalar’s pharmacies and other pharmacies of the country. They are also available on our Web site and on Fitomarket.

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