Can you imagine that there’s a remedy against 800 strains of viruses and bacteria, 100 strains of fungi, a large number of unicellular and multicellular parasites. How is it even possible?  Yes, it does already exist and it's available for you! We are referring to Grapefruit Seed Extract, a unique2 "natural antibiotic. We have enriched it with acerola extract - a source of vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium and we have created the CitroPlant complex. This is our answer to the challenge of our time, when viruses actively attack us, bacteria keep us covered and fungi do not let us relax. We also made sure that it was easy to take: CitroPlant is available in capsules. They can be taken once a day, unlike grapefruit seed extract in bitter drops, which are sometimes recommended to drink several times a day.

CitroPlanta package contains 30 capsules with standardized grapefruit seed extract derived from 36 grams of grapefruit seeds. This extract contains at least 98% of the bioflavonoid naringin. When absorbed in the gut, it is converted to naringenin, an active ingredient with antimicrobial properties. 4

 The antiviral activity of grapefruit seed extract is currently being studied in detail at the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg.

In addition to grapefruit seed extract, CitroPlant contains acerola extract, a source of vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium. These have antioxidant effects and are necessary for the active functioning of the immune system.

Due to this composition, our product promotes:

  • antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal action

  • strengthening of immune system

  • increase of body resistance to viral infections

  • neutralization of excess free radicals (antioxidant properties);

  • tonic effect.

In addition, the drug helps to normalize the gastrointestinal tract and improve skin, nails and mucous membranes health at fungal infections. 3

During the manufacture of CitroPlant we use high quality raw materials from foreign suppliers and we make sure that it does not contain GMOs, gluten, titanium dioxide, lactose, and soy.

You can buy the CitroPlant complex in branded pharmacies of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies nationwide. You can also always find our new product on and

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