In April, Evalar company started the production of a unique* product for treating insomnia,1 based on a new combination of Glycine + Melatonin Evalar. Experts have been developing and researching the patented* formulation of this remedy for about four years. This new product has no analogues* and contains glycine-enhanced melatonin.1 Its ingredients exhibit a more pronounced sedative effect in this combination than individually.2 The main difference of the new product from all the other forms of melatonin is its fast** effect due to the dosage form – sublingual tablets that do not need washing down with water. The active components are quickly and completely absorbed in the mouth within a few minutes, while melatonin bypasses the effect of primary passage through the liver. This is important, because up to 85% of the sleep hormone is lost in the liver, as it turns into an inactive form.1 Due to this, melatonin is absorbed up to 6 times better from sublingual tablets than from common ones.3 Glycine + Melatonin Evalar can also be taken just before bedtime1, instead of being taken 30 to 40 minutes in advance, like common melatonin.

Due to synergistic2 action of the components, the product Glycine + Melatonin Evalar:

  • accelerates falling asleep and improves sleep quality by reducing the number of nighttime awakenings;1

  • improves well-being on waking up in the morning, without causing any tiredness, apathy or fatigue.1

However, Glycine + Melatonin Evalar is more than just a sleeping pill, because both of its components have an even wider range of properties. Melatonin helps our body adapt to the rapid change of time zones and weather conditions, has a positive effect on intellectual function, emotional and intellectual expressions, as it reduces stress reactions, and has immune stimulating and antioxidant effects. Glycine reduces psycho-emotional stress, irritation and propensity towards conflict, improves mood, increases mental performance, reduces the severity of vasomotor disorders.1

Glycine + Melatonin Evalar does not cause dependence or addiction1, since both active components are adjusted to human physiology. The product is manufactured from Italian raw materials and does not contain chemical excipients.

The new product can be purchased today at Evalar branded pharmacies or ordered at


* Eurasian patent No. 035166.

** According to the instructions, you can take the product immediately before bedtime or 20 minutes before bedtime.

1 Instructions for medical use of Glycine + Melatonin Evalar, Marketing authorization number: LP-007897.

2 According to the instructions for use, the combination of glycine and melatonin potentiates the effects of both substances.

3 According to the instructions for use, when ingested in common tablets, up to 85% of melatonin is converted into an inactive metabolite as a result of primary passage through the liver. Just 15% of melatonin remains pharmacologically active as a result of this transformation. When taken sublingually, 100% melatonin retains its activity, bypassing the effect of primary passage through the liver. It means that this product strength is 6 times higher.