Especially for those who live in constant stress, whose workday is scheduled to the minute and deadlines, for whom it is important to keep emotions under control, and to calm down and get a good night's sleep after the hustle and bustle of the day, a team of experts – developers, nutritionists, pharmacologists and technologists – has released an original new product. This is a patent herbal complex Stress Control from Evalar Laboratory, created in laboratory conditions to the highest pharmacopoeial standards. The scientifically proven composition includes ingredients produced using unique technology. They can help reduce stress levels in 30 minutes.**

Stress control from Evalar Laboratory is the first drug product in the collection of innovative nutrients based on a unique composition of CO2 extracts of valerian rhizomes, chamomile flowers and hop cones in combination with natural essential oils of lavender inflorescences and mint leaves.

New generation CO2 extracts are absolutely pure concentrates of biologically active plant substances. They are produced using modern fluid extraction technology using carbon dioxide, which then easily evaporates. The resulting extracts have a balanced qualitative and quantitative composition that is as close as possible to the natural composition of plants and has high biological activity.1 That is why the ingredients in the drug product can contribute to reducing stress levels in 30 minutes, and:

  • relaxation after a busy day,
  • reducing irritability and anxiety,
  • increasing overall stress resistance,
  • preventing mood swings and ensuring a stable emotional state,
  • increasing in sleep duration, including insomnia.**

Evalar Laboratory Stress Control is recommended to be taken in the evening or immediately before retiring to bed. The dosage of the drug product can be varied as needed from one to three capsules per day, depending on the stress load.**

The capsules are small in size and easy to swallow. They do not contain titanium dioxide and dyes. The product contains no GMOs, gluten, soy or lactose.

One package of Stress Control from Evalar Laboratory contains 60 capsules. When taken in the maximum dosage, three capsules, the package is sufficient for a full two-week course. When taking two capsules - for two courses. And if you take only one capsule, then for four courses.**

You can purchase the new drug product and other products from the Evalar Laboratory collection of innovative nutrients right now in and in the branded online store, on the official website, marketplace, other popular marketplaces and offline – in Evalar branded pharmacies and other pharmacies of the country.


* In the range of products of CJSC Evalar.

** Confirmed by SoGR No. AM. dated 01.03.2023

1 Berestova A.V., Gorshenina M.M., Drozdova E.A. About the influence of CO2 extracts on the human body. University complex as a regional center of education, science and culture: materials of All-Russian Scientific methodological conference (with international participation), February 4-6. 2015, Orenburg / Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. Federation, Federal state budget. education institution of higher education prof. education "Orenburg State University". – Electronic data - Orenburg, 2015. pp. 876-879.