A new product – L-Glutamine – has been recently added to the professional sports nutrition line EvalarSport. Did you know that it is the most common amino acid in the human body? Approximately 80% of all glutamine is contained in muscles – 30 times more than in blood plasma.1 During active training, glutamine stores are rapidly depleted and should be replenished through diet or dietary supplements. If this does not happen, the body compensates for the lack of glutamine on its own. But at what cost? At the expense of the breakdown of muscle proteins.

L-Glutamine EvalarSport is 100% pure L-Glutamine in a fast-absorbable form: powder to be dissolved in water. The preparation is suitable for all categories of sportsmen. With each serving, we get 5000 mg of the amino acid, with which our trainings become more effective, for L-Glutamine EvalarSport contributes to:2

  • increased muscle endurance and energy,

  • overtraining prevention,

  • accelerated recovery after exercise stress.

However, this preparation is not created only for sports. Today, with active viruses around, we have another reason to take L-glutamine: it helps boost the immune system.2

Our new product contains only L-glutamine. No flavourings, sugar or other additives. One can equals 80 servings of pure L-glutamine, which is enough for more than 2.5 months of daily intake.

You can purchase our new product and other preparations of the EvalarSport line in any brand pharmacy of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies of the country. You can also find them at and the marketplace Fitomarket.


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2 Confirmed by State Registration Certificate No. ÀÌ. of 12.01.2022.


More interesting facts about glutamine

  1. It is necessary for protein synthesis and involved in many other metabolic processes.1

  2. It plays a key role in the synthesis of glutathione1. The latter is the main intracellular antioxidant with powerful detoxicative properties.2

  3. It contributes to the reduction of tissue resistance to insulin.3

  4. It is an energy substrate for rapidly dividing cells, including those of the intestines, pancreas, lungs and immune system.1

  5. It is the main source of energy for gastrointestinal tract cells.1

  6. It helps protect the mucous lining of the digestive tract, maintaining its integrity and normal permeability to vitamins and other vital nutrients.1


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