Today we present new products under the brand VITABOTANICA**. It is a new line of herbal products by Evalar – the company with 30 years of expertise in phytotherapy. We carefully study and sel ect only the best plant components and extracts of pharmacopoeial* quality. 100% natural composition, high dosages of active ingredients, updated form of vegetarian capsules without titanium dioxide, innovative production technology of the original international quality standard GMP1 and eco-friendly packaging - these are the key advantages of the line VITABOTANICA** by Evalar.

The first new product - VITABOTANICA** Chaga extract. It is a 100%2 extract of Siberian chaga of pharmacopoeial quality in vegetarian capsules, with standardized content of chromogenic complex (30%). It is important to note that not every manufacturer standardizes chaga by this component. So when taking such a non-standardized extract, you do not know how much of the active ingredient it actually contains.

The basis of chromogenic complex is the antioxidant melanin.3 Together with other biologically active substances (polysaccharides, organic acids, lipids, flavonoids, macro- and microelements) it gives unique properties to chaga.

Standardized extract of Siberian chaga of pharmacopoeial quality.

One dose contains: 30% of chromogenic complex

45 mg of tannin substances calculated as tannin

Immune system activation

GIT function normalization

General strengthening and anti-inflammatory product

Due to the multifaceted properties, Siberian chaga has gained popularity in the West and in China, especially in recent times - during the period of active viruses.

Chaga extract VITABOTANICA** promotes:2

  • the immune system natural activation;

  • relief fr om viral infections;

  • the improvement of gastrointestinal dysfunctions caused by viruses;

  • general health improvement.

For Evalar the concept of “quality” is not only the strict compliance of the products with the international GMP standard.1 We go further: we perform the studies of our products and prove their properties on the basis of the leading scientific centers of the country. The results of research work carried out by the experts of the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg demonstrate the possible antiviral activity of chaga extract by Evalar against various enveloped viruses, as well as its antibacterial properties.4

The second new product - VITABOTANICA** Rhubarb is a new delicate approach to the problem of stool retention in adults and children over 14 years.5 The product is based on the root of palmate rhubarb, rich in the biologically active substance rheine. The daily intake contains such a dosage of rhubarb, which promotes:5

- the improvement of intestinal peristalsis;

- its soft and gentle purgation without cramps, pain or bloating;

- the excretion of toxins and wastes;

- the maintenance of normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;

- the improvement of digestion.

It is recommended to take 3-4 capsules of the product per day in the evening. However, you can always adjust an individual dosage depending on your constitutional peculiarities.5

You can buy our new products in branded pharmacies of the Evalar chain. Also find them at our, fitomarket and other marketplaces.


* VitaBotanica Chaga Extract.
1 GMP Certificate No. C0170889-DS-3, NSF International, USA.
2 Confirmed by Certificate of State Registration No. AM. of 29.07.2021.
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