Femiwell ® Bio Evalar

Herbal non-hormonal product with standard 20 mg dose of black cohosh extract that helps reduce the effects of menopause

The main reason for aging in women is a decrease in the production of female sex hormones. The most important youth hormone for a woman is estrogen. Fr om the age of 30, the production of estrogen decreases. The metabolism slows down, the face and body start to change, the process of aging begins. Skin and muscles lose their firmness and elasticity, wrinkles appear and deepen, while the figure gains in fat and loses shape. The solution is offered by phytoestrogens, substances that are contained in plants, such as black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), and similar to female sex hormones.

In Western countries, wh ere it is normal to take phytoestrogens from the age of 40, women at 50 look younger than many Russian women at 40! It is no coincidence that biologically active food supplements with phytoestrogens of black cohosh are the most popular age management product.

Black cohosh phytoestrogens included in the composition of Ci-Clim BIO help to eliminate the symptoms of estrogen deficiency in women during menopause. Ci-Clim BIO phytoestrogens also improve overall health, lighten the mood and help to slow down hormonal aging associated with a decrease in estrogen levels in women aged 40 to 55 years.

Phytoestrogens indirectly affect the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, while contributing to the improvement of general well-being and mood, which is undoubtedly reflected in facial features. After all, beauty and health are inseparable!

Even if we have no power over time, we are able to preserve our youth, beauty and health.

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