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Milk thistle extract for liver protection and natural regeneration of liver cells.

Our health largely depends on the state of the liver – a critically important organ that takes part in almost all types of metabolism and performs a protective (barrier) function in the body. Adverse ecological situation, improper feeding, bad habits – all this increases the burden on the liver and negatively impacts the state of its cells. That is why liver cells need additional protection and resources for their natural regeneration

Care for the liver is care for one’s own health.

Milk Thistle extract in tablets

Milk thistle extract is a reliable protector of your liver!

Milk thistle was known as far back as in Ancient Rome with its use during food poisoning. Today milk thistle is sufficiently researched and widely used in many countries of the world. A unique combination of flavonoids (flavolignans) typical only for milk thistle is called silymarin.

Silymarin is one of the currently known complexes of natural compounds that protect liver cells and help sustain its functions.

Silymarin, a complex of flavonoids (flavolignans) in milk thistle, is known for its ability to eliminate toxic substances, both coming from outside and formed in the liver itself as a result of metabolism.

The liver-protective properties of silymarin arise from its antioxidant function and ability to strengthen cell membranes. The excessive accumulation of lipid peroxidation products is one of the leading mechanisms of viability reduction in liver cells (hepatocytes). This leads to a decrease in the strength of the lipid layer of cell membranes. Silymarin prevents the accumulation of lipid hydroperoxides and thus increases the protection of liver cells. In addition, by stabilizing the hepatocytes’ cell membrane, silymarin slows the flow of toxic substances into them. Silymarin also supports metabolism in the liver, resulting in even greater support of liver function.

Dietary supplement. Not a pharmaceutical product.

Method of Administration

Method of Administration: for adults — 1 tablet a day with food. Period of administration — 1 month. Long-term administration up to 3 months is allowed.

Not recommended to: persons with personal intolerance to the components of the product, pregnant and breast-feeding women. Consultation with a doctor is recommended before use.


1 tablet (daily dose) contains: milk thistle extract – 62.5 mg (including flavolignans (silymarin) – 30.0 mg)

Quantity of Useful Substances

1 tablet (daily intake) contains:


% of recommended daily intake

Milk thistle extract
including flavolignans (silymarin), not less than

160.0 mg
80.0 mg


** Does not exceed the upper allowable daily intake level.

Shelf Life

Shelf life - 3 years. Expiry 10.2023.


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