Laxative remedy on fruit basis. It’s not required to take chewing tables with water. Practical and effective

Active ingredient: apricot powder, senna, plantain extract, dill extract

Product targets: For men, For digestive tract and intestinal microflora, For detox and laxation, For women


Intestinal dysfunction accompanied by stool retention is a problem that almost everyone faces to one extent or another. It is most often associated with impaired peristalsis (intestinal motility). The causes of such a disorder are malnutrition and emotional overload and other, and the consequences are impairment of the intestine’s evacuation function, slagginess and intoxication, which may lead to body poisoning.

Chewable tables

Fitolax is a fruit-based dietary supplement. The combination of fruit and herbs in one tablet renders natural assistance to the intestine.

The gentle laxative Fitolax acts overnight. Fitolax in the evening – result in the morning.1 Such an intake regimen is convenient and coincides with the body’s natural biorhythms.

Fitolax fruit chewing tablets have pleasant taste, do not to be taken with water and are easy to administer in any situation.

Quality assurance: production in compliance with the international GMP2 standards. Fitolax is also produced in the form of chocolate, tea, a fruit bar and beverage concentrate with nice taste and smell that can be added to any drinks.

Dietary supplement. Not a pharmaceutical product.

1 In 6-8 hours after administration.
2 GMP Certificate No Ñ0170889 - 03, NSF International (USA).

Method of Administration

Instruction for the use of Fitolax chewing tablets

For adults and children over 14 years of age - 2 tablets in the evening with food. The tablets should be chewed. The laxative effect is achieved in 8-12 hours. If necessary, the single dose may be increased to 4 tablets.
Period of administration - 2 weeks.
If necessary, the course of administration may be repeated.

Personal intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Consultation with a doctor is recommended before use.


apricot powder, senna extract, fructose (sweetening agent), microcrystalline cellulose (carrier), amorphous silica (anti-caking agent), plantain extract, vegetable calcium stearate (anti-caking agent), croscarmellose (carrier), natural flavoring “Strawberry”, dill extract

Quantity of Useful Substances

Quantity in 2 tablets (daily dose) and % of recommended daily intake level (adequate level)

Apricot powder

340 mg

Senna extract
including anthracene derivatives
calculated as chrysophanic acid,
not less than

210 mg

16.8 mg

168 %3

Plantain extract

15 mg

Dill extract

0.2 mg

3 Does not exceed the upper allowable intake level

Product form: chewing tablets

Shelf Life

Shelf life - 3 years. Expiry 11.2023.


Evalar, RUSSIA

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