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High cholesterol level – like a silent killer – is slowly but steadily destroying our cardiovascular system. It is literally disfiguring vessel walls making them look like rusty water-pipes. If measures are not taken in time, the matter may end in a real vascular disaster.

Dioscorea-based Ateroklefit BIO will help you keep the cholesterol level within the norm.

Dioscorea is a plant capable of lowering the cholesterol level by increasing the level of blood phospholipids; increasing the lecithin/cholesterol ratio and thus lessening the chance of cholesterol deposition in arterial vessels and cholesterol plaques formation. The active substances in dioscorea improve cardiac performance and normalize arterial blood pressure.

Ateroklefit BIO promotes:

  • keeping the levels of cholesterol and arterial blood pressure within the norm;

  • lipid metabolism normalization (transformation of LDL ("bad cholesterol") into HDL ("good cholesterol");

  • reduction of atherosclerotic vessel lesion development risk;

  • improvement of cardiovascular functional state.

Normal cholesterol level keeps cardiovascular health in check, on which our health in general largely depends.

Ateroklefit BIO is a mixture of the bioactive substances of dioscorea extract, red clover extract, hawthorn flower and leaf extract, vitamins Ń (ascorbic acid), PP (nicotinic acid) and rutin – for keeping the cholesterol level within the norm.

Ateroklefit Bio is a dietary supplement, not a pharmaceutical product.

Method of Administration

For adults — 1 capsule 2 times a day with food. Period of administration — 1 month. After a 10-day break administration may be repeated.


Personal intolerance to the ingredients, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Consultation with a doctor is recommended before use.


dioscorea extract, capsule components (food additives): gelatin; iron oxide and titanium dioxide (colorings); ascorbic acid, clover extract, nicotinic acid (vitamin ĐĐ), hawthorn flower and leaf extract, amorphous silica (anti-caking agent), rutin, vegetable magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent)

Quantity of Useful Substances

Quantity in 4 capsules (daily dose) and % of recommended daily intake level (adequate level)

Dioscorea extract

600 mg   



Clover extract

140 mg   

Sum of flavonoids in terms of rutin, 
not less than 10 mg                                         


Hawthorn flower and leaf extract

20 mg   


8 mg   

Vitamin Ń, not less than

140 mg   


233 %1                          

Vitamin PP (niacin), not less than

40 mg NE      


222 %1

Does not exceed the maximum allowable intake level

Shelf Life

Shelf life - 3 years. Expiry 11.2023.


Evalar, RUSSIA
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