In an easy-to-use form – in tablets. 100% refined Altai mumiyo

Feeling unwell, we often immediately begin to take handfuls of synthetic pills forgetting that nature gives us many natural remedies. One of them is mumiyo - it is often called "mountain resin", "tears of mountains", "mountain wax". Over centuries, mumiyo has proven itself to be a most valuable complex of natural bioactive substances, and its use is scientifically validated by numerous studies.

The combination of organic and mineral compounds determines a wide range of mumiyo’s useful properties. And each of these substances is capable of participating in various metabolic processes in the body, activating cell and tissue metabolism. The mumiyo collected in the Altai mountains has unique characteristics – the concentration of microelements in it is one third higher than in the mumiyo collected elsewhere!

Evalar offers you Altai Golden Mumiyo in an easy-to-use form – in tablets. The tablet form of mumiyo is produced via a patented technology without excipients.

Golden Mumiyo by Evalar is 100% refined Altai mumiyo, produced via the original technology that helps to preserve its active substances to the maximum: vitamins, amino acids and over 30 micro- and macroelements of high bioavailability. A true gold standard of Altai mumiyo!

Golden refined Altai Mumiyo promotes:

  • keeping bone tissue within the norm;

  • increasing immunodefenses.

It is Evalar’s Golden Mumiyo that has become the best-seller in Russia – brand No. 1 among dietary supplements with mumiyo.

Quality assurance: production in compliance with the international GMP quality standard.


Refined Altai mumiyo

Quantity in 2 tablets (daily dose) and % of recommended daily intake level (adequate level)

Refined mumiyo,
including humic acids, not less than

400 mg
12 mg



Recommendations for use

For adults and children over 14 years of age –1 tablet 2 times a day with food. Period of administration – 1 month, in case of fracture injuries – up to 2 months.


Personal intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Consultation with a doctor is recommended before use.

State registration certificate

No RU. of 03.10.2014

Product form


Tablet quantity per pack

20, 60 tablets per 0,2 g

Shelf life

5 years

Storage conditions

Do not store above 25°Ñ

 1. According to the data of the marketing agency ZAO DSM Group on the volume of retail sales by value and volume among oral dietary supplements containing mumiyo as active substance.
 2. Certificate No Ñ0170889-173GMPMF-1.

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