Turbotrim Active fibers

Active dietary fiber (NUTRIOSE brand, France) will help you keep your weight under control by creating a lasting sensation of fullness, and curbs the hunger by blocking the production of hunger hormone ghrelin. The caloric intake is significantly decreased by reducing the craving for snacks and sugar consumption, improving the intestinal bacterial flora, and bringing bowel function back to normal (Turboslim works as a prebiotic). No laxative effect! The product does not contain sugar. The powder is completely soluble in food and drinks (even in water) without changing their taste and texture. It is recommended to be included in the diet / nutrition regimen, and to be used with any diets (including carbohydrate-free diets).

Ingredients: corn fiber (corn dextrin).

Presentation: powder in bottles and bags of 60 and 180 g.

Recommended use: the powder is recommended to be included in the diet / nutrition regimen, and to be combined with any diets (including carbohydrate-free diet), by adding to any drinks and dishes, which does not change their taste and texture. Stir 2 teaspoons (or dosing spoons) in a glass of any drink (hot or cold) or in 1 portion of any dish. Adults and children over 14 years of age take the powder once daily. Follow the treatment for at least 1 month and repeat it regularly.

Shelf life: 3 years.

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