Troychatka Evalar for children

A specially developed combination of the extracts of 3 herbs creating unfavorable conditions for parasites. Bitter herbs in Troichatka capsules have a mild stimulating effect on liver and stomach, which helps get rid of “uninvited guests” and excreting the products of their vital functions out of the body. Bitter herbs are fatal for parasites and not toxic to humans. The unique composition of Troychatka EVALAR Antiparasitic is protected by a patent. The company EVALAR also developed the special complex Troychatka For Children. It is the only natural antiparasitic complex that can be taken since from the age of 3.

Troychatka EVALAR Antiparasitic. Ingredients: Fragrant Clove, Common Tansy Flowers, Extracts of Dried Common Tansy, Aspen Bark.

Troychatka For Children.Ingredients: Extracts of Calendula Flowers, Caraway, and Thyme.

Does not contain GMO
For men
For women
No Gluten
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Barcode: 4602242004301