SportExpert® L-carnitine 3600 mg

SportExpert® L-carnitine 3600 mg is a popular product in a liquid, easily digestible form to activate fat metabolism and convert fat cells into energy during intense workouts. High dosage1 - 3600 mg in each shot.

The vitamin-like substance L-carnitine is produced in the liver and is involved in metabolic processes. It is found in foods but destroyed by the thermal processing. L-carnitine promotes the active breakdown of fatty acids, increases stamina and endurance, replenishes energy reserves.

 SportExpert® L-carnitine 3600 mg promotes2:

  • conversion of fat cells into energy during aerobic activity

  • gain of lean muscle mass and acceleration of recovery after workouts

  • protection against muscle damage

  • metabolism acceleration

  • decrease in fatigue and pain

  • normalization of the cardiovascular system

  • normalization of "bad" cholesterol in the blood


- High dosage of 3600 mg of L-carnitine per shot

- Easily digestible liquid form

- Packaging - easy to take during your workout

- Pleasant peach flavour

 Ingredients: water, glycerin (thickener), L-carnitine, citric acid (acidity regulator), " Peach" natural flavoring, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preservatives), sucralose (sweetener).


1 In the product range of Evalar
2 Information confirmed by SGR (State Registration Certificate)

For men
For women
No Gluten
No preservatives, or artificial colors
No sugar
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