Mizol Spray

Unique* antifungal agent in the form of a convenient spray based on 1% naftifine solution.

Antifungal spray Mizol Evalar:

·       Protects against fungal infection

·       Promotes the restoration of nails and skin, the disappearance of itching and burning

Like other antifungal agents, Mizol spray contains a 1% solution of naftifine, but it has a convenient form of release.

Fungus infection usually occurs from contact with an already sick person. Often, household items are the cause. Most often, people who visit steam rooms, manicure salons, gyms, saunas get sick. At risk are athletes, public beach visitors, people who wear heavy shoes for a long time, people who sweat a lot. Other causes may be abnormal skin pH levels and not thoroughly drying the feet after swimming or exercise, decreased immunity.


Mizol Spray excels at variety of points:

· Economical - the spray allows you to treat a wider surface of the skin and nails

· Easy to use - small aerosol particles formed during spraying are able to penetrate into the most inaccessible places

· A wide range of applications - can be used both to treat already affected parts of the skin and nails, and to prevent infection

*In the assortment of Evalar

For men
For women
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