Milona-5 for mammary gland support

A herbal complex with a full range of known herbal substances with a beneficial effect on women's health, contributing to the normal function of female reproductive organs and breast tissue.

The ingredients are chosen based on the comprehensive approach to maintaining the hormonal balance and psycho-emotional condition, which are of great importance for keeping women’s breasts and reproductive system in good health.

Ingredients: Phytoformula Evalar (Oregano Herb, Burdock Roots of Burdock, White-Flowered Peony Roots, Calendula Flowers, Licorice Roots, Rhizomes And Roots of Hedysarum, Thallus of Laminaria, Extract of Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus).

Does not contain GMO
For women
No Gluten
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Barcode: 4602242001522