Milona-11 for prostatic gland

A combination of biologically active herbal substances helps maintain the normal functional state of the genitourinary system in healthy men. In addition, the composition includes zinc, an indispensable trace element involved in the synthesis of sex hormones in men.


Easing the symptoms of dysuria (urination disorders).

Reducing inflammatory process.

Increasing the effectiveness of standard therapy in the phase of exacerbation of chronic prostatitis.

Ingredients: Phytoformula Evalar (Rhizomes of Bergenia, Burdock Roots, Echinacea Herb, Medicinal Sage Leaves, Licorice Roots, Rhizomes and Roots of Hedysarum), Zinc.

Does not contain GMO
For men
No Gluten
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Barcode: 4602242001881