For skin, hair and nails 60 tablets

A unique* complex based on organic sulfur MSM, L-proline, L-lysine, zinc and copper for the beauty and health of skin, hair and nails.

The unique* complex For Skin, Hair and Nails is a daily supply of valuable nutrients and restorative substances for the body to maintain its natural beauty from the inside.

· Promotes increased production of collagen and keratin; improving the condition of the skin, hair and nails, anti-age effect

· Maintains the beauty of the skin, contributes to its firmness and elasticity, gives a healthy and well-groomed appearance

· Promotes strengthening of the nail plate (prevents delamination)

· Makes hair strong and shiny, protects it from hair loss and excess oiliness

* In the assortment of Evalar

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Barcode: 4602242008125