Chonda Neuro

In Europe, medicinal products containing cytidine and uridine are widely used for the treatment of neuropathy - these are vitamin-like substances that successfully restore (regenerate) nervous system cells. Citidine and uridine form the material that makes up the composition of neurocellular membranes, are prototypes of DNA and RNA, without them it is impossible to create nerve cells. Thanks to their participation in the metabolism of carbohydrates, cells are endowed with energy.

Chonda Neuro from Evalar contains both of these substances - cytidine and uridine and in the optimal dosage: 100 mg + 100 mg.

Chonda Neuro helps:

·       Restore damaged nerve fibers

·       Normalization of the transmission of nerve impulses

·       Improve the sensitivity of the damaged area

·       Decrease the intensity of pain syndrome (including in the joints and spine)

·       Reduce further damage to the nervous tissue

To restore nerve fibers and get rid of hand numbness, burning and tingling sensations, take Chonda Neuro from Evalar. The optimal course is at least 2 months with regular repetitions.

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