Contract Manufacturing

Evalar is willing to offer its partners the advanced production facilities for manufacturing solid and liquid dosage forms of OTC products and dietary supplements. Evalar production facilities allow for manufacturing of OTC products and dietary supplements on a turn-key basis starting from selection of high quality ingredients up to comprehensive testing of the finished product.

Evalar advanced certified production allows for manufacturing of the following dosage forms:


Tablets, uncovered tablets, film coated tablets, oral tablets, with the mass from 0.2 to 2 g (diameter 9 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, oblong 19.5 mm, 24 mm) are manufactured on modern high-velocity compression machine Fette, Korsch.

Flexible opportunities are provided for tablets packaging including Uhlmann blister line or packaging in a polymeric can.

Effervescent tablets

Effervescent tablets with the diameter of 25 mm and the mass up to 4 g.

Effervescent tablets are packaged in a designated case, 10 or 20 items per case with desiccant in the case cap.


The following gelatin and cellulose (vegetarian) capsules are manufactured on modern high-velocity BOSCH capsule fillers – capsules No.No. 1, 0, 00.

Flexible opportunities are provided for capsules packaging including Uhlmann blister line or packaging in a polymeric can.

Soft gelatin capsules

Soft gelatin capsules are manufactured on Kis Corporation line in the volumes 0.3 ml, 0.6 ml, 1.2 ml.

Soft gelatin capsules are packaged in a polymeric can.


Powder, pre-metered dosage from 0.5 g to 25 g per sachet or not presented in dosage form – in a polymeric can of various volume or in pouches with ZIP-Lock.

Liquid forms

Liquid dosage forms including liquid extracts, elixirs, tinctures, drops, syrups and solutions are manufactured on BOSCH high-performance lines including packaging from 10 to 100 ml into glass and polymeric vials.


Tea is packed on IMA high-performance tea filling machines. Packaging is free of metal staples and is made into multilayer tea envelopes to preserve phytotea aroma.

Evalar is willing to provide the full range of services as it may be necessary:

High quality ingredients

Selection and analysis


Processing procedure and testing

Label layout development

Design and legal compliance with regulatory requirements


Execution of the set of documents, samples manufacture and support in registration

Batch production, quality and safety testing

Well-equipped analytical and microbiology labs are in place in Evalar to ensure control over starting and raw materials, intermediate products and finished products using its own resources.

Provision of logistic services

Raw materials and finished products storage and delivery to Moscow. Own warehouse and logistics complex is in place in Evalar to provide storage of raw and starting materials and finished products in appropriate conditions.

Certification, GMP, FSSC, ISO and Kosher

All necessary approvals and OTC production licenses are in place in Evalar. The Evalar manufacturing site is licensed by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and certified by TGA (Australia) for GMP PIC/S compliance. The statement of compliance of the manufacturer of OTC products for human use with the Good Manufacturing Practices Rules requirements is in place. The manufacture of dietary supplements has obtained FSSC food safety certificates 22000 issued by SGS international company, GMP issued by NSF international company and Kosher Certificate issued by the Chief Rabbinate of Russia.

Evalar is one of the largest manufacturer of natural products constructed and equipped in compliance with GMP world standards. The enterprise occupies the area of 13 ha and is located in the town of Biysk in Altai Territory. Production facilities include:

  • Tablets and capsules packaging in a blister. The output capacity is 3 billion tablets/capsules annually
  • Manufacture of powder in sachet. The output capacity is 40 million sachets annually
  • Liquid dosage forms. The output capacity is up to 20 million vials annually

In 2018-2019, the company is planning to launch two new sites for production of solid OTC products forms with output capacity of about two million tablets and capsules annually. The project planned investments amounts to approximately $100 mil.