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Evalar welcomes you, wishing you well-being and success in the pharmaceutical market of Russia and other countries! We thank our long-standing partners and invite new ones to cooperate.

With its solid base of manufacturing and research, Evalar is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements and natural medicinal products in the Russian Federation. Thanks to the constant improvement of our brand portfolio and consistently high quality of products, we occupy a leading position in the Russian market from the beginning of its history. A number of our products are currently being registered as medicines.

The products of Evalar are widely distributed outside of Russia, and highly demanded in the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well as in the Baltic States, the Czech Republic and other countries.

Thanks to the flexible price policy and strong advertising support, the cooperation with Evalar brings not only considerable profit but also prestige!

Working with us is a reliable way to success and prosperity of your business!


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