The force of nature for thyroid gland

This is why herbal practitioners continuously study the features of medicinal herbs and the efficiency of their use to treat thyroid gland. The rare type of herb – white tormentil – deserves a special attention. The main works related to its study were held in 70-80-ies of the last century. On the basis of clinical studies results it was determined that the tormentil rootstock is a powerful regulator of thyroid gland hormones. White tormentil contains the substances which are important for thyroid gland health. Therefore, tormentil maintains its normal functioning and size.

In Russia, this unique herb is grown by Evalar on its own plantations in ecologically friendly Altay foothill. The company specialists carefully oversee the herb growth, gather it strictly in the period of maximum concentration of biologically active substances and process it according to advanced technological process at low temperature modes to maintain the maximum benefit of the plant.