Tea superman theanine

Stress relief, among other properties
This natural amino acid was isolated from green tea by Japanese scientists in 1949 and has since been actively studied. It is proved to have a number of valuable properties, helping to maintain good health! For example, L-theanine may serve as an excellent stress relief.
It helps to calm down and restores normal blood pressure, which often fluctuates at stressful times, while promoting concentration and mental efficiency. A real friend of school children, students and intellectual workers!
Here is an even more interesting fact: L-theanine is endowed with anti-cancer properties and has the ability to protect healthy cells from the damaging effects of antitumor drugs.
The unique amino acid helps protect the liver from the toxic effects of alcohol, has a beneficial effect on immunity, and contributes to lowering cholesterol levels and maintaining heart health. And this is not the whole story…

A brain accident
Every 1.5 minutes, one person in Russia has a stroke, which doctors call a cerebral accident. The resulting acute oxygen deficiency leads to the death of brain cells in a part of the brain. Alas, they cannot be revived. But it is possible to protect healthy cells from the damaging effects of negative factors, thereby reducing the scale of brain damage and its consequences.
Animal studies have shown that L-theanine has the ability to exert protective action on brain cells, to prevent their damage and death, to reduce the severity of neurological disorders, to promote faster recovery of impaired speech functions and memory after a stroke, and to reduce the risk of developing dementia in old age. These properties of the tea amino acid may soon attract a special attention of medical specialists.
One can only marvel at the natural strength of L-theanine, and confidently wait to learn more about its exceptional talents!