L-triptofan: peaceful nights and happy days

Triptofan unique effect

If an organism receives sufficient quantity of triptofan, then serotonin – the substance which is called the “hormone of happiness” is produced. This particular substance ensures good mood, emotional comfort and peace of mind. It increases working capacities and stimulates cognitive activity. It helps keep emotional well-being and self-control in the circumstances of excessive emotional strain. Triptofan brings down annoyance and aggression, eliminates anxiety, fear and nervous tension. That is to say, it gives the unforgettable tranquility of peacefulness and comfort in one’s mind.

In the hours of darkness, melatonin, also known as “the sleep hormone”, is generated from triptofan. The normal melatonin level provides for easy and quick falling asleep, improves the depth and quality of sleeping and consequently allows for proper and sufficient sleeping.


Triptofan sources

The products richest in triptofan include salmon and sturgeon caviar, chia seeds, cheese, fish, meat, peanut, almond, beans, curd, oats, sesame, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, milk, yoghourt, etc. If food does not provide for sufficient triptofan level it is better to replenish it by use of special additives.


When is triptofan particularly necessary?

1. Stress and depression. Stress may be different. Stress may be caused by tragic events. There is also an everyday stress, which we face at any turn – problems at work, family quarrels, squabbles in public transport etc. However, in case of stress it is beneficial to support the organism with triptofan. It will support the nervous system, help recover emotional well-being and prevent problems with sleeping. In case of triptofan deficiency in the organism, common sedatives may fail to give the intended effect.

2. If you are trying to get rid of unhealthy habits (for instance, smoking or overeating). Every time when a smoker takes a puff, he experiences pleasure. This is for the reason that serotonin is generated in the organism in the course of smoking. The same processes take place in the organism of lovers of tasty and large food. When they refuse just another portion of food or another cigarette, they experience the feeling of loss or lack of expected pleasure. Therefore, it is difficult to get rid of unhealthy habits. Start taking triptofan to facilitate this process: it will help restore serotonin level thus making it much easier to refuse a cigarette or another piece of cake or potato crisps. This will help you refrain from backslides in future and release from the feeling of loss. This is the way triptofan helps reject unhealthy habits easily without emotional strain or irritability.

3. If a flight lies ahead. Our biorhythms go wrong at extreme change of time zones. We feel fatigue and exhaustion, suffer from headache and sleep disorders, day and night change over and it is impossible to get down to business. However, it is so necessary to be fit as soon as possible!

Triptofan will help restore the biorhythms in a natural way. It will set up natural serotonin and melatonin generation, normalize the disorder of sleep-wake cycle which appeared due to the flight, will help quickly adapt to the change of time zones and sufficiently improve the general physical state.

Moreover, thanks to sedative effect, triptofan will help take off the nervous pressure and the fear of flying.

4. Problems with shying away from contacts with strangers, new work team, stage fright, constraint, lack of self-confidence. It often happens that when we find ourselves among strangers or in a new work team, we feel constrain and anxiety. It is anything but simple to muster up your willpower, overcome embarrassment and fear, and show yourself to advantage at an interview! It is a trial for the nervous system. It may be appropriate to support it with the help of triptofan. It will help reduce emotional strain, calm down and let the fear and anxiety go, feel at ease with unfamiliar people and easily adapt oneself in a new environment.